Bicester  Sculpture  Group
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  Anne Backhouse
  Ginny Coates
  Linda Baillie
   Liz Ferris
  Joyce Playle
  Bill Brown
  Heather Veevers
  Anna Corrie
   Paul Burgess
   Flora Gregory
  Kirsteen Holuj
John Penrose
  John Sharp
Past Members
  Henrietta Bud
  Marie Boyle
  Elizabeth Studdert
  Lina Carr
  Agnes Dingwall
  Janet Ford
  Jane Griffin
  Pippa Hawes
  Sue Jones
  Chris Rothero
  Dawn Tremaine
  Mick Waterhouse
  Annie Savage
  Joy Wilberg
  Chris Rothero
  Joyce Dargay
  Sally Kimminau-Jobling
  David Brown
  Michelle Green
  Alan Howard